OKINKA Prime African Art Gallery is recognized in the world of the first Arts, for its eye and its accuracy.


It all started with a simple attachment to the objects first collected in Guinea-Bissau, West Africa. Objects with which we live, that we touch, that we look at.


African Primitive art is an exciting world where no limit is set. Whether you are looking to acquire works by passion or for investment purposes, the arts of Africa represent an area full of opportunities.


There are a few collections where its still possible to acquire masterpieces of museum-size. Historical works at the prestigious pedigree, unpublished pieces and masterpieces still populate some private collections around the world. But for us, our main supplier is the African continent itself. We travel regularly across the African continent, we go to the origin of the art pieces, which often means getting long periods inside the most remote villages of Africa.

Dan or Senufo masks, reliquary figures Fang and Kota, bronzes of the Kingdom of Benin, the field of possibilities leaves dreamy.

As for investment, these sculptures can represent an interesting investment. You still must know how to differentiate and choose them. The dichotomy reflected by public sales results over the long and medium term is a good indicator. While the value of the quality objects keeps rising, the medium and low category objects is stable.


We know that there is still a lot of ancient art to be discovered in Africa today, especially at the unknown tribes. Each tribe has its own language and cultural values and ways to express. In the literature, today only 50 or so are published with their art. Leaving another 470 tribes virtually unknown to the world. A true and important challenge that we work with.

OKINKA was founded in 2005 by Sérgio Fernandes, the gallery offers an unrivaled expertise in African art to private collectors all over the world.

Sergio’s eye for authenticity, condition and aesthetic are well established in the Primitive Premium African Art market where he has been helping clients build collections for over 24 years.

Born in Portugal, Sérgio lives in Africa for more than 24 years.

Relying on his experience in Africa and on his network of local collectors, institutions and professionals, that he has cultivated for more than 24 years, Sérgio is at your disposal to guide you both for your point acquisitions and for the long-term management of your collection.

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